Amadon DellErba is the drummer of 6-piece band, Van's Guard. The name Van's Guard is a tribute to a spiritual warrior (the group is Van's guard), and it affirms their strong commitment to their ideals — the vanguard is the frontline of an advancing military. The members of Van's Guard are not only activists in their lyrics, but in their lives all being part of the spiritual-intentional lifestyle at Avalon EcoVillage, where they practice their messages of social justice, self-sufficiency, and regenerative living.

"Our music, like our lifestyle, is outside of the mainstream.  Our music reflects our quest for purity.  We don’t pollute our food we grow with pesticides and chemicals, and we don’t pollute our music with processed things like auto-tuning or divisive, derogatory lyrics." Amadon says. "We grew up in this culture and the music is an expression of that."

The lifestyle provides an interdisciplinary balance to living and working and has contributed to Van's Guard's ability to stay dedicated to their music amidst other life goals and responsibilities. "A lot of people have to set aside music or set aside their career or their personal lives. We have it all, and it works together beautifully," says Amadon.

Being the son of master musician and founder of the Global Change Music nonprofit record label, Van of Urantia, Amadon was inspired at a young age to pursue music.  Global Change Music provides management, artistic advice, instruments, training, and performance and recording opportunities to Amadon and many other musicians. "The best advice my father gave was for us to stay away from ego trips. He told us that's how bands break up — don't be that way because you won't get anywhere with your music," Amadon reveals.

"Take No More" written by Amadon DellErba and performed by Van's Guard

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