Amadon DellErba believes in spiritual unity without uniformity and is an activist within the Spiritualution?—Justice to the People! movement standing up against injustices orchestrated by governments and corporations. His activism is broad in scope recognizing that the insidiousness of greed has infiltrated many aspects of life – healthcare, the food supply, the media, politics, the legal system, education, the environment, and more.  He has participated in protests in almost every major American city, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix, Denver, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington D.C., among others in California, Utah, Arizona, and Idaho.

As a correspondent on the scene with Global Change Media Amadon has interviewed several high-profile activists such as Susan Sarandon (New York City), Chris Hedges (New York City), Russell Simons (New York City), Patch Adams (Chicago), Jodie Evans (Philadelphia), Jill Stein (Washington D.C.), and Reverend Jesse Jackson (Phoenix).

He has also appeared as a guest speaker at activist events in several major cities including Denver, Philadelphia, and Chicago, and was interviewed by Free Speech TV for his involvement in the March Against Monsanto movement.

Jane Sanders, wife of Bernie Sanders, and Amadon DellErba at Oak Flat Q&A

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