Multi-Dimensional Man of Action

Amadon DellErba's podcast,


"Nothing you do matters, unless what you do matters." Amadon DellErba is on a journey of self-mastery. Join him in the exploration of the spiritual, psychological, intellectual, and emotional elements that make up the mortal life.
A free-form podcast about transformation, growth, and purpose; elevating and expanding the super-conscious mind while honoring the down-to-earth wisdom that keeps us grounded and real.
Equal parts profound and profane; sacred and secular, "Get Real or Die Trying" is a reality check for a world becoming increasingly more unreal.

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2024 Men's Retreat


Embark on a transformative journey, where the goal of finding your direction and purpose, taking action, and learning resilience to stay the course, converges to propel you towards your life goals.

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Amadon DellErba with TaliasVan, modern day prophet and spiritual leader.

Spiritual Ambassador

Spirituality is an essential and primary component to everything Amadon undertakes. Born and raised in a spiritual-intentional EcoVillage, Amadon serves as an ambassador of the Mandate of the Bright and Morning Star held by Van of Urantia and Niánn Emerson Chase. Amadon is a global Change Agent living and sharing the teachings of the Fifth Epochal Revelation (The URANTIA BOOK and The Cosmic Family volumes) which carry the spiritually-unifying message of “One God, One Planetary Family”.

Photo: Amadon with his father, Van of Urantia, a modern-day visionary and spiritual leader

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Amadon DellErba's multifaceted personality lends itself to his diversity as an actor. His training began very young and he had the privilege to study under private acting coach Clistine Morningstar, a graduate of the London Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. He has held the lead role in several theater productions, been a host for an internet television series, is a DJ for KVAN Visionary Radio, and recently launched his own podcast available across multiple platforms including Apple podcasts and Spotify. He is also currently writing a film script and working on producing his own TV show, while continuing to perform for other projects in stage, television, and film.

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Photo: Amadon DellErba with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., attending a 2024 presidential candidate rally

(ad)Venture Catalyst

Amadon’s passion for the power of media started at a young age. He began work as a self-taught graphic designer, which evolved into brand development and creative consulting. Today he is the Chief Executive Officer of Global Change Media. A driving principle of his work is using storytelling and conscious media to create marketing strategies that are timeless and captivating. Innovative and dedicated, Amadon uses his talents to serve clients of Global Change Media in sharing their art, products and messages intended to make the world a better place for everyone.

Photo: Amadon DellErba with Global Change Media staff members, attending a 2017 Bernie Sanders rally

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Amadon livestreams the Occupy Congress protest direct from the nation's capital.


Born and raised in a sustainable ecovillage community, Amadon’s whole life has been an act of resistance to the mainstream culture of consumerism and greed. He has been part of rallies and protests across the country, both as a speaker and a protestor standing up against injustices of all kinds. During the Occupy movement Amadon attended major rallies throughout the nation, promoting the Spiritualution℠—Justice to the People! movement in New York, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Phoenix, Denver, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and Boston, among others. He has spoken at multiple events, sharing his firsthand experience on topics ranging from regenerative living to spirituality-based ethics.

Photo: Amadon livestreams the Occupy Congress protest direct from the nation's capital

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Amadon DellErba speaks on stage at the March Against Monsanto Denver, Colorado protest, sharing a message for food-independence by working cooperatively, creating communities, and growing organic food


Amadon DellErba is an educational speaker and an (ad)venture catalyst. His goal is to propel others towards building sustainable systems in their living and working environments through creative conflict resolution strategies and orienting to an ethic of interdisciplinary and interdependent cooperation.

Amadon has given speeches on a variety of topics in cities around the country including New York, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Chicago, Philadelphia, Denver, Phoenix, Washington D.C., and Boston, among others.

Photo: Amadon DellErba speaks on stage at a March Against Monsanto Denver, Colorado protest, sharing a message for food-independence by working cooperatively, creating communities, and growing organic food

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Amadon performing with VansGuard during the Earth Harmony Festival


A professional musician, Amadon DellErba is a drummer and multi-percussionist for the band Van's Guard. Being the son and student of master musician Van of Urantia, the sounds of Global Change Music have been the background tracks throughout Amadon’s life. In addition to performing his music, he also manages professional recording projects for Future Studios and is on the board of directors for Global Change Music nonprofit record label.

Photo: Amadon performing with Van's Guard during an Earth Harmony Festival

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Through his purity of purpose and desire to serve humanity, Amadon has been led throughout his life to meet significant activists, actors, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, artists, politicians, and musicians. Amadon recognizes the serendipity and importance of these connections, many of whom he has aligned and worked with in furthering common goals for the betterment of humankind.
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For speaking engagements and media inquiries please contact:

Savijaveh Wonson, Global Change Media Booking Agent

email   •   ph: 1-866-282-2205

For FILM & TV inquiries please contact Amadon's Agent:

Katrina @ SWAG Talent Group,

email   •   ph: 520-548-2807

Amadon DellErba lives in Southern Arizona at The University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion (campus pictured here) where he is both a student and a professor.