Creative Work

Amadon DellErba is the Chief Executive Officer of Global Change Media. With a professional background in graphic design and brand development, Amadon leads the development of assets to promote the positive messages of Global Change Media's business clients, who represent a diverse set of industries. Amadon additionally has experience in the production of large-scale events as the lead organizer for the annual Earth Harmony Festival from 2011 to 2017, and other major events in both Northern and Southern Arizona. He also manages Future Studios, a state-of-the-art recording studio in Southern Arizona, and is on Global Change Media’s design team building what will be Arizona's largest film and video production studio -  Global Change Films.

Global Change Media is the forerunner of the media of the future; media motivated by principle rather than profit. The guiding goal of all Amadon's endeavors is selfless service and the betterment of humanity. Amadon believes in the importance of using one's talents to bring attention to those who are working to make meaningful, positive change in the world.

Amadon DellErba identifies as an (ad)venture catalyst, leveraging his talents and professional network to support change agents in bringing their transformative messages to the world. He seeks out and attracts likeminded people dedicated to special social, economic, political, spiritual, or other worthy causes, who need support in formulating and executing the production of their ideas through creative media.

Amadon is a dynamic speaker who shares his expertise through engaging storytelling and actionable insights. Please inquire through this website if you are interested in having him speak on his experience in business management, creative directing, or event organization.